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Welcome to Scenefolks.com a website dedicated to the preservation of video game console homebrew software. Scenefolks.com features a large collection of homebrew games, demos, applications, emulators, etc ... for various vintage and modern video gaming consoles.

Homebrew is software such as games and applications written by independent developers for video gaming consoles that is run via unofficial means and is free and most of the time open source. Games, emulators, ports and applications make up the eco-system for various consoles usually accessible from a central hub (i.e. - a homebrew loader).

Did you just obtain a new or old video gaming system and want something to do with it? How about playing a library of games or using it to watch movies, listen to music or read ebooks - all for free! Homebrew makes this possible and with a little bit of technical know-how and a good resource you can start enjoying all that homebrew has to offer. Wether you want to play games or write them yourself homebrew is full of possibilities.

Using an exploit to run unsigned code allows software engineers to create open source libraries that enable the developers to create such homebrew. Homebrew such as games and engine ports are common along with applications that enhance the user experience. Imagine being able to use any wireless controller with your console or digging deep into the code to discover ways to increase the maximum amount of health points you have left. The possibilities are endless. Does your console not play music or movies? Well, now it can.

Scenefolks.com is a database of homebrew games, demos and apps for a wide variety of video gaming consoles that have been cracked open by some really smart people. You will find the good stuff, but if you're after dubious programs that allow things that are no-good then you need to leave now. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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