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Fallen Knights v0.2 Released
posted by john on 05/15/2019


VitaHEX Games have released a new version of their very impressive homebrew game for your Sony Playstation Vita portable video gaming console. Fallen Knights is an action/adventure game set in a dark universe of demons and castles. It's a fully world immersive third person 3D adventure game made in Unity.

What's New?

*  Added a new area. The  "Lost Cemetery"
*  Added the first Boss.  The "Skull Dragon"
*  You can now rest at bonfires (also saves progress and respawns enemies)
*  Added Main Menu
*  Added enemy health bars
*  Added boss battle music
*  Fixed player gravity while rolling
*  Fixed player parrying (works on small enemies)
*  Fixed attack collisions (player and enemies)
*  Fixed sword trail to disappear if animation was interrupted
*  Fixed back-step interfering with attack animations
*  Improved controls
*  Major bug fixes and improvements

  Fallen Knights v0.2

  author(s): VitaHEX Games
  release date: 04/05/2019
  date modified: 05/10/2019
type: Game
genre: Action
players: 1
online: Offline

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