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emuMMC (aka emunand) for Switch Releasing Soon
posted by john on 05/06/2019


m4xw has tweeted a teaser video of what he calls emuMMC for the Nintendo Switch. The video shows his Switch rebooting and then launching the emunand (a separate NAND which is stored on the Micro SD card) booting (note that there is no injector involved in this reboot process).

Emulated NANDs have been commonly used to provide a separate environment where you can basically have another Horizon OS installed allowing you to use it for development, testing or just homebrew while using the original OS for retail games and online play. Theoretically this could provide you with a way not to get banned from Nintendo's online services.

EmuNAND's have in some way, shape or form been implemented for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS video gaming consoles.


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