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 [general]    Site Changes - New Account System
posted by john on 05/14/2019

Xenoforo will no longer be used to house our homebrew downloads database as we have implemented a new Account System. If you would like to download directly from our website please register an account. We realize that the commenting ability is yet to be implemented. We expect it to be implemented soon™.

 [general]    Backend Changes
posted by john on 03/16/2019

We've made some significant changes to the backend system that powers the site. A side effect to these changes was unfortunately the loss of the voting data due to incompatibles with the newer system. The voting system was recently implemented so the loss should be minimal. If you voted for a homebrew make sure to do so again the next time you're on its page.

 [general]    New Design Published!
posted by john on 12/15/2018

Some users didn't really like the old school original 1990's design theme for the site and its lack of support for mobile devices (even though all you had to do was rotate your phone) was an issue so we have published a new design! If you run into any issues please use the contact link (in the menu bar) and let us know what went wrong.

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