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posted by john on 05/19/2019

Another retro Kickstarter is going on right now and it's already reached its original goal of $7,500! The Curse of Illmoore Bay is a new and original 16 bit homebrew game heavily inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from the 90s fueled by our deep love for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Console. It is a horizontal scrolling action platformer that will take you through six different levels each with it's own monsters and bosses, with tons of items to collect and powerful abilities to acquire. [read_more]

 [genesis]    Old Towers 1.2 Released
posted by john on 05/19/2019

Retro Souls has recently released a new version of OLD TOWERS which is a brand new homebrew game for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis. You play as a little explorers in a towers full of deadly traps and ugly skullz. Your only weapons to help you win: quick-thinking and skill. OLD TOWERS is programmed with C language powered by SGDK. It's FREE or pay what your want. [read_more]

posted by john on 05/16/2019

PSCD Games have announced they will be porting BUG-Studio's game FoxyLand to the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) in the near future and have posted a video of a demo of the port in action. Foxy Land is a fun side-scrolling arcade game in which you take control of a cute and adorable fox. The love of your life has been stolen by a ... [read_more]

posted by john on 03/08/2019

The author behind the homebrew game BioEvil which is an adaptation of Resident Evil for the Sega Genesis / Sega Megadrive have published a new video video which features the addition of the sound engine for this unofficial 16-bit survival horror game. [read_more]

posted by john on 03/03/2019

RetroSouls who have released games such as GLUF, Old Tower, Twinlight, Alter Ego, and even Tourmaline for the ZX Spectrum recently released Old Towers from the ZX Spectrum for the Sega Megadrive and Sega Genesis. [read_more]

posted by john on 01/19/2019

NinjAkira has released a Rom Hack for Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition called Street Fighter II - Bloody Edition. Street Fighter II - Bloody Edition adds some bloody effects to the game and also changes the status bar to reflect a more violent tone. [read_more]

posted by john on 01/09/2019

The author behind the homebrew game BioEvil which is an adaptation of Resident Evil for the Sega Genesis / Sega Megadrive have published a video video which features more levels and new character sprites for their isometric experience. [read_more]

posted by john on 12/27/2018

Dr. Ludos has released a new original homebrew game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. Break An Egg is a cute arcade game for the SEGA Megadrive / Genesis home console. Eggs are falling from the sky! Move your chicken to make them bounce into the basket. If an egg touches the ground, you loose! [read_more]

posted by john on 12/14/2018

Sega will be releasing an emulator application for the Amazon Fire TV that will allow you to download and play classic Sega Genesis roms using the Amazon Remote or any other compatible bluetooth controller. The Sega Classics bundle is $14.99 on Amazon's Fire TV marketplace. The current list of games included with the app are ... [read_more]

posted by john on 12/03/2018

Vikfield has released a new version of his game hack for the original Shadowrun action-rpg for the Sega Genesis. Shadowrun 2050 is an adaptation of the first edition rules of the Shadownun PnP (Pen and Paper) version. The objective is not only to harmonize with the first release of the original game, it also offers a more dynamic and balanced gameplay. [read_more]

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