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posted by john on 12/06/2018

The Sony PlayStation classic has been receiving a lot of attention recently and even though the emulation experience is reported to be subpar that hasn't stopped prominent scene hacker yifanlu and company from hacking the device. yifanlu has managed to ... [read_more]

posted by john on 12/05/2018

Access to a Debug Menu in PCSX ReARMed the community based emulator used in Sony's PlayStation Classic has been discovered. Using a USB ... [read_more]

posted by john on 12/05/2018

Sony has published the source code to their port of PCSX ReARMed the community based Sony PlayStation emulator used in their PlayStation Classic video gaming console. Contained within the source code is a file that lists 131 games a far cry from the 20 included in the console. [read_more]

posted by john on 12/03/2018

The Sony Playstation Classic is Sony’s attempt to cash in on the latest “mini” craze of set top emulation boxes created by major game companies to deliver a retro experience by allowing users to enjoy a handful of classic games in the modern age. The Sony PlayStation classic will set you back $100 and comes in a small replicated PlayStation shell ... [read_more]

posted by john on 11/18/2018

Sony's Playstation Classic a miniature hardware release of their original Sony Playstation video gaming console contains a licensing for PCSX ReARMed which it uses as it's core for emulating the older games contained within the onboard storage of the newly released ... [read_more]

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